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Young Israel of Hewlett




          Halachot of Chanukah



I have presented these laws in concise, bullet form in the hope that everyone takes a few minutes to review them.  As always, I am here for you, so please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time with any shailot.

Chanuka is not only a holiday of miracles; it is also a holiday of Jewish pride. The Maccabees knew that they were fighting for the soul of Judaism and they knew they couldn't do it alone.  The miracle of the oil was Hashem's way of saying that He is proud of us.

Everyone is invited to our home this Sunday evening at 7:00 PM for a great Chanuka party.  Let's bring light into our world together, and may we all have a beautiful holiday.

Rabbi Heshy Blumstein 

1) We place the oil or the candles going right to left. Yet, we always light the leftmost candle first.

2) Although we may display an electric menorah, we must make the berachot of Chanuka on oil or candles.

3) The first night we add a "shecheyanu” after the other two blessings.  If you forgot to make the shecheyanu on the first night, you may say it on the second night.

4) It’s preferable to be home for lighting the menorah with our family.  If we are away or at the home of others for the lighting, we should contribute some money to share in the mitzvah.

4)  Guests in a hotel or motel should light in their rooms. Their spouses or children should light at home.

5) The candle flames must last a half an hour; however, on Friday evening, they must last a full hour.  

6) Al Hanisim is added in our Amidah prayers and in Birchat Hamazon.  You need not repeat the prayers if you forgot to include Al Hanisim.

7) Complete Hallel is said on all 8 days of Chanuka.  One should put in extra effort on Chanuka to daven with a minyan and to hear the Torah reading.  Every morning we add Psalm 30-Mizmor shir Chanukas habayit to our davening. 

8) On Erev Shabbat we light the menorah before we light Shabbat candles.  On Motzai Shabbat we say Havdalah first and then light the menorah. In shul the minhag is to light the menorah before Havdalah.



SSM Friday Night

Shabbat Chanukah

 December 19th  

Sunday Dec 21st


Rabbi Blumstein's House


Hashem Yinkom Damam


Our hearts are torn. We all cry for the four kedoshim who were brutally murdered in Israel.

  These poor innocent souls, ripped away from life while praying to the Creator.  We cannot grasp the enormity of the evil perpetrated. 

What we must do is pray!  Pray for those who were wounded during this atrocity.  Please have in mind the following names while we pray for their recovery:

Chaim Yechiel ben Malka

Chaim Eitan ben Sarah

Shmuel Yerucham ben Baila

Yitzchak ben Chava 

Yakov ben Rivka Rachel

Shalom ben Sheindel

Yigal ben Leah

Moshe Yonatan ben Yikara- Soldier injured in Gush Etzion Terror Attack




Chapters 20, 46, 83, 121, 130, 142 and 100




Thu, 18 December 2014 26 Kislev 5775