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Weekly Classes at the shul

**Sundays 8:40-9:05 AM 
Immediately after Shacharit. Sunday Morning Learning- Time Travel: A Halachik Exploration of the Jewish Holidays with Rabbi Steven Krul. Fresh bagels, muffins and coffee will be served!  For Men & Women 
** Wednesdays 8:30 PM   
Gemara Shiur given by Rabbi Hopkovitz For High School Boys
**Thursdays 7:00-8:00 PM
"Halacha of the Ben Ish Chai" given by Rabbi Eliezer Cohen  For Men & Women
**Friday Evening/ Leil Shabbat
Shiur given by Rabbi Simcha Hopkovitz for Men
**Shabbat Shiurim
9:20 AM : Parsha Shiur given by Rabbi Dr. David Wiseman For Men
10:20 AM  Youth Parsha Shiur  given by Rabbi Dr. David Wiseman For Boys and Girls Ages 8-12
1/2 hour before Mincha: Law and Order Shiur given by Rabbi Simcha Hopkovitz For Men & Women
After Mincha:  Shalosh Seudot with Words from the Sages For Men & Women
Sun, March 24 2019 17 Adar II 5779