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Weekly Classes and Shiurim
Daily on Monday through Friday
Daily Mishnah with Rabbi Hopkovitz following shacharit
Daily Halacha with Rabbi Hopkovitz between mincha and maariv
Sunday 9:00 AM 
Edward Gilbert Sunday Morning Learning Program & Breakfast with Rabbi Steven Krul 
Sunday 9:00 PM
Parsha shiur with Rabbi Dr. David Wiseman; All are welcome via ZOOM
Monday 7:15 PM
Women's Learning groups on the weekly parsha; In person at YIH or via ZOOM
Tuesday Following Maariv
Tea and Tehillim with Rabbi Hopkovitz; monthly on select Tuesdays
Wednesdays 7:15 PM
Emunah Shiur with Rabbi Hopkovitz; All are welcome 
Sefer Chovos Halevavos (Duties of the Heart)
Shiurim on Shabbos
Sefer Hachinuch Mitzvah Shiur given by Rabbi Hopkovitz; 30 minutes before Mincha, All are welcome
*Pirkei Avos by Rabbi Hopkovitz between mincha and maariv; All are welcome* *Resumes after Pesach* 
Fri, February 3 2023 12 Shevat 5783